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The Sparkle Gear Difference

The Sparkle Gear Difference

Sparkle Gear transfers are better than what is generally available from other sources. Here’s why. Sparkle Gear’s premium transfers use premium rhinestones that have more facets than our regular rhinestones

Sparkle Gear transfers are better than what is generally available from other sources.
Here’s why…

Premium Sparkle and Pure Colors

Sparkle Gear’s¬†premium transfers use premium rhinestones that have more facets than our regular rhinestones. Sparkle Gear’s¬†regular rhinestones have more facets than the cheap rhinestones you might find on most other vendors products.

The facet count on a Sparkle Gear premium rhinestone is typically 12-14 facets. The Sparkle Gear premium rhinestones have finer edged cutting, giving them sharp and smooth facets. This gives each rhinestone even more sparkle.

The pictures below show the difference between premium and regular rhinestones.

Premium Rhinestone
Regular Rhinestone

Rhinestone Quality, you get what you pay for!

It’s all about the sparkle. Rhinestones come in a very wide range of qualities. Single rhinestones can cost as much as several dollars each, or as little as 5/1000 of a penny.

Cheap Rhinestones Are Bad, Don’t Waste Your Money!

On the very low end, the rhinestones are less polished, have very small cracks and chips. These rhinestones are made with a low-temperature adhesive attached so that they can be quickly affixed to a garment or accessory. The quick melting point of the glue makes these rhinestones convenient and super cheap to use in assembly-line manufacturing applications, but not good for making the high-quality items people like to wear and use. Basically, lots of really cheap t-shirts can be made really fast. Unfortunately, these rhinestones frequently find their way into the hands of hobbyists or crafters by way of disreputable vendors on the internet. Transfers made with these rhinestones will not create garments that sparkle like the ones made with our transfers.

The garments made with inferior transfers may lose rhinestones after a small number of washings. They could even lose rhinestones on their own after the glue holding the rhinestone onto the garment drys out and fails.
If we used the super high-end rhinestones on transfers a single t-shirt could end up costing $1500 or more. These super high end “rhinestones” are what you might find on a couture wedding dress. Typically these “rhinestones” are made of mined, cut and polished minerals. Then the gems are carefully hand-applied or sewn to a garment. For obvious reasons, these gems are not generally used on daily wear garments.

Sparkle Gear offers two grades of rhinestones. Both are high-quality products, the primary difference is the number of facets on the rhinestones and the degree of polish. The premium rhinestones generally have more facets than their regular counterparts and are more polished.  We suggest that you use the premium rhinestones if you are making a single item that you want to keep for an extended period of time, or are making items that are worn for cheer, gymnastics, dance, or other competitions where appearance matters. The small difference in price is well worth it.

If you are making a large number of items for a team or an event and the cost is an issue, the regular rhinestones might be good enough. Our regular rhinestones, when properly applied, will give you as good or better results than what you could get from other providers.

If you need to see the difference for yourself between premium and regular rhinestones yourself it is easy to do. Purchase two identical transfers, one in each quality. Apply each transfer to a garment. You will see if the difference in sparkle and vibrancy of the colors that the premium rhinestones reveal is worth the extra cost.
All of the finished products we make for customers use premium rhinestones. You can see photographs of these finished products on

Brighter Colors

The fine edges and extra-smooth polished surfaces also transmit more vibrant colors than what you can get with our regular rhinestones or even the rhinestones that other reputable vendors use for their rhinestone transfers.

Premium Light Siam
Regular Light Siam
Premium Hyacinth
Regular Hyacinth
Premium Sapphire
Regular Sapphire
Premium Citrine
Regular Citrine

Sparkle Gear Rhinestone Transfers are tight!

As you browse the thousands of designs on our website notice that each design we offer shows you some important design details. We try to pack as many rhinestones into the design as we can. This gives the maximum bling to any garment.¬†There is a big difference between a Sparkle Gear transfer made with 1000 rhinestones and another vendor’s transfer that has one half or one third as many rhinestones.

When you compare our transfers to what you might find from another source notice that other rhinestone vendors spread the rhinestones out. The end result is reduced sparkle. The vendors do this to save on the rhinestone costs. Also, because the methods they use to make the transfer are less precise and they need to add extra space. Often, the¬†extra space¬†between rhinestones is necessary so that they can manually fix the issues they have during the transfer’s manufacture. Browse through our photo gallery¬†and observe how tight¬†rhinestones are in each of our designs, then compare that to the transfers offered by other vendors.

Made in the USA matters!

We make all of our transfers ourselves, in our own facility, with our own employees. The vendors of the lower cost transfers are often located overseas, even if they appear to be in the United States. Ask yourself what you will do if you make a couple of dozen items for a customer, or one of your kid’s sports teams, and a month later all of the rhinestones start to fade, or even fall of the garment? The cheapo transfer vendor will not stand behind their product. You could end up being out the cost of the original transfers plus the cost of the garments … plus all of the time you spent making the items. The premium transfers we sell on are the same transfers we use to make the finished products we sell in our store and at We make hundreds of items every week. That’s how we know that our transfers make a finished product that is spectacular looking, long lasting and easy to care for.

We love custom requests!

Being local also means you can talk to us if you need some help or some special service. If you need a small change to a transfer, no problem! If you need a completely custom transfer, no problem. You need your transfers quickly, no problem!

Often people find us via a Google search and have observed that it is possible to find designs similar to the designs we offer. Many of these copied designs are sold by other vendors at prices lower than what you find on our sites. There are substantial differences in these other transfers, and you should understand what these differences are before making a purchase.