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Home Iron Application Instructions

Using Your Home Iron to Apply Your Sparkle Gear Rhinestone Transfer

Before You Start

Double check that your item can be used with rhinestone hotfix transfers.  

The material and the stitching used to make your item must be able to withstand the heat used to apply the transfers.  The type of fiber used to make your item must be compatible with the hotfix adhesive used on the rhinestones.

You should check your item’s material and stitching and confirm that it will also be compatible.  We can not offer an opinion on the item you have selected and its suitability for use with rhinestone transfers. However, we have had the best success using items made from material and stitched with cotton, polyester, and poly/cotton blend.

Transfers can be applied with a home iron, but you will have to manually adjust the temperature, be aware of the pressure you are applying, and how long you are applying it.  Any variations in temperature, pressure and time will change the quality of the end product. It will also affect how long the product will last under normal use.

The manufacturer’s specifications for all of the items we offer at have been reviewed in detail. We also thoroughly test the items we offer to ensure compatibility.  If you are unsure of how to check an apparel or accessory item, you should consider purchasing finished items instead of the rhinestone transfers. Most of the transfers available on are also available on finished items at

Step 1: Getting ready

  • Check your iron, STEAM OFF!
  • Preheat iron to 320-340 degrees, (might be the cotton setting on your iron?)
  • Position your garment on your ironing board. If you can place something sturdy underneath like a wood board, it will help with the pressure needed for proper application.

Step 2: Inspect your transfer

  • Carefully peel the white film backing off the transfer. Put this backing aside.
  • Confirm that that all of the transfer’s rhinestones are in the proper position and orientation
  • If any rhinestones are out of alignment, simply push them into place with tweezers.
    (If you ordered more than one transfer, there may be a small envelope of extra rhinestones with your transfers in case a rhinestone needs to be replaced)

Step 3: Position the transfer on the item

  • Place the transfer, in the desired location, with the clear tape facing up, glue side down on your garment. If it is not in the desired position, lift and reposition. Press into place with your hand.

Step 4: Press the Transfer

  • To protect your fabric from your hot iron, we recommend that you put a light covering cloth or even a paper towel the size of your iron over the transfer before ironing.
  • Place iron over the design area and apply steady pressure for 15 seconds (DO NOT MOVE IRON AROUND AS STONES MAY SHIFT) Place iron over another design area for another 15 seconds and repeat till entire design is pressed. (Do not overheat or glue will lose its adhesion).

Step 5: Peel the Clear Transfer Tape

  • When all areas of the transfer have been pressed, slowly peel off your tape, If you have missed any areas, go back and re-press.
  • For best care, wash garment inside out in cold delicate cycle & hang dry.