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Heat Press Application Instructions

Applying Your Sparkle Gear Rhinestone Transfer With a Heat Press

Before You Start

Confirm that your apparel or accessory item can be used with rhinestone hot-fix transfers.   The material and the stitching used to make your item must be able to withstand the heat used to apply the transfers.  The type of fiber used to make your item must be compatible with the hot-fix adhesive used on the rhinestones.T

The manufacturer’s specifications for all of the items we offer at have been reviewed in detail. We also thoroughly test the items we offer to ensure compatibility.  If you are unsure of how to check an apparel or accessory item, you should consider purchasing finished items instead of the rhinestone transfers. Most of the transfers available on are also available on finished items at

Step 1: Getting ready

  • Pre-heat your heat press to 325 F (162C) degrees for premium rhinestones.

Step 2: Inspect your transfer

  • Peel the white film backing off the transfer. Put this backing aside.
  • Confirm that that all of the transfer’s rhinestones are in the proper position and orientation
  • If any rhinestones are out of alignment, simply push them into place with a tweezers.

Step 3: Position the transfer on the item

  • Place the design, face forward, on the item.
  • Carefully check for centering and leveling of the design.

For lighter colors and white, we recommend placing a protective Teflon sheet over the article to protect against any heat marks. If your article is made from a heavy material, has bulky seams or does not lie perfectly flat on your heat press use a Teflon pillow to compensate.

Step 4: Press the Transfer

  • Engage your heat press with medium pressure.

Depending on the heat press itself, with medium pressure, there should be some resistance when lowering the press and locking it down. If the press is coming down and locking without any resistance, it means there’s not enough pressure.

  • Heat and pressure should be applied for 20 seconds.

Step 5: Warm Peel the Clear Transfer Tape

  • Before the garment cools, carefully peel the plastic backing
  • As you peel the clear transfer tape confirm that all of the rhinestones are sticking to the item. If any rhinestones fail to adhere to the item re-press.

After you are done.

In addition to any care instructions appropriate for your apparel or accessory item we recommend that you wash your item inside out using mild detergent, hang it dry, and do not dry clean.

Clothing fabrics not compatible with rhinestones include Acrylic, Nylon, and rayon.